About me


My name is Siobhan Downes and I’m a journalist based in Dubai. I moved here in January 2017, after realising my homeland – New Zealand – was just a bit too far away from everything. Like many twenty-somethings, I was desperate to see the world. So, here I am, happily within an eight-hour flight of two-thirds of humanity (that is my favourite Dubai fact, by the way).

I fell in love with travel writing while studying in Japan in 2012, when I started a blog called The Only Blonde in Osaka. That blog helped me land a spot in journalism school. After graduating, I spent a few years working as a national news reporter for New Zealand’s biggest news and entertainment website, before worming my way into the travel section, where I wrote stories about badly behaved flight attendants and wacky New Zealand tourist attractions.

As I mentioned before, I now live in Dubai where I edit a website which basically tells you about all the cool stuff you can do in the city. I still try to do some travel writing from time to time, and this blog is an attempt to document all of my “out of office” adventures, both in Dubai and beyond.

Please feel free to stop by, have a look around and leave a comment, or hit me up on Twitter and Instagram.